+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: plagued by profection

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

plagued by profection

I am alive. And I got so used to not blogging that I almost forgot I had a blog.

What have I been up to? Working less and living more. That was the plan and I was scared it wouldn't work, but it has been so far. The new career is great, summer is almost here and if I could just nail down a date to take myself on a vacation there won't be a single thing on my to-do list that isn't at least started.

But that isn't why I am blogging today. I am blogging today about typos. The typo I just realized I made in the title of this post, but it worked so I left it be.

I was raised by one of those parents that made you do all of the dishes over again if one wasn't clean, do-it-right-the-first-time-damn-it. Which I am thankful for, because I would hate to be incompetent. But now I suffer from being submerged in a society where the majority doesn't give a shit.

I am not claiming to be some grammar queen, or spelling bee champion. But I care enough to read something before I publish it, and heck I even use spell check from time to time.

I just paid for an advertisement that was delivered to over 3,000 people and in the process of "reformatting" an already perfect ad, the advertising company dropped the "r" off of the word "your" and I am mortified.

And because the last checks and business cards I ordered had typos too, I feel like there is a lesson to learn here, one that has nothing to do with proof reading, or always using more commas than one sentence can possibly hold.

In the same two month period I bought a coffee maker that doesn't work and rented a U-Haul truck for which they charged me THREE times.

Can someone please interpret this waking dream?