+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: 100 things about me

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

100 things about me

1. My parents were divorced when I was 4.
2. I have three sisters and one brother, all halves.
3. I don't know my brother very well.
4. My sisters locked me in small places and tickled me until it wasn't fun.
5. Now I am claustrophobic.
6. I spent a lot of time being grounded.
7. I have never really felt like I fit in, anywhere.
8. I like to make lists.
9. I play the violin when I feel like it.
10. Sometimes I wish I had learned to play the cello.
11. My dog thinks I am the greatest person alive.
12. I like to sleep with down comforters even in the summer.
13. I want to travel to every country before I die.
14. I am afraid of dying and think about it a lot.
15. My favorite colors are black and grey.
16. I am on a soccer team.
17. I own a Vespa.
18. I am afraid of flying, and snakes.
19. I can admit when I am wrong.
20. I used to live in New Orleans.
21. I love to eat.
22. People I love know it.
23. I am extremely independent.
24. I don't lie.
25. I like to take pictures.
26. I am very clean and organized.
27. I am an aunt eight times!
28. I love cheese.
29. I am unconventional.
30. In my reoccurring nightmare my teeth fall out.
31. I broke my leg twice when I was in elementary school.
32. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 13.
33. I don’t smoke anymore (except when I drink).
34. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.
35. I am a tom boy.
36. My family is extremely dysfunctional.
37. I have a leopard print couch.
38. I have green eyes.
39. I collect old scary dolls.
40. I always look at the clock at 4:44pm.
41. I like to do nice things for people.
42. People always assume I am a vegetarian.
43. I am seriously thinking about becoming one.
44. I don’t like working.
45. I prefer natural remedies, and strongly dislike Western medicine.
46. I jumped off a 65 foot high bridge into the Illinois River.
47. I have been skydiving.
48. I am afraid of heights.
49. I can’t stand mediocrity.
50. I wish I were more active in my community.
51. I love being outside and want to live in a yurt.
52. I frequently wish I were smarter.
53. And funnier.
54. I recycle.
55. I was mean to my little sister growing up and still feel guilty about it.
56. I have a purse collection.
57. I can’t eat a banana without thinking about oral sex.
58. I feel culturally starved being an American.
59. I am covered in freckles.
60. My mom always called them angel kisses.
61. I got away with 95% of the bad things I did when I was younger.
62. I worked in the computer industry for ten years.
63. I love Cabernet Sauvignon.
64. I like listening to Middle Eastern music.
65. I prefer to hang dry my clothes.
66. I like crossword puzzles.
67. I love orchids.
68. I eat a lot of garlic.
69. My greatest feature is my butt.
70. I like to sing karaoke.
71. I ran a marathon.
72. I wear glasses.
73. Some people can't handle my brutal honesty.
74. I love reading.
75. When I am sick I still want my Mom.
76. I am 1/16 Creek Indian.
77. I love gardening and making things beautiful.
78. I love NYC.
79. My favorite game is Backgammon.
80. I don’t like making decisions.
81. I am of above average intelligence.
82. I am a high school drop out.
83. I have a hard time talking about my feelings.
84. I like to laugh.
85. I love Tequila.
86. I drink coffee in the morning only.
87. I am a Libra.
88. I like my food spicy.
89. I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself.
90. Motorcycles scare me.
91. I ride them in my dreams.
92. I used to own a pair of roller skates. Have you seen them?
93. I am scared of people in large groups (fraternities, sports fans, religion, you get the idea).
94. There are very few drugs I haven’t tried.
95. I like to hang out with people who are smarter than me.
96. I have never been married.
97. My grandfather was a nuclear physicist.
98. I am fidgety.
99. I am hard on myself.
100. I love knee socks.