+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: star wars cell phone ringtone guy

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

star wars cell phone ringtone guy

You know the type, the bossy know-it-all in your IT department. They come in late, they don't have to keep their desk clean, they tell you what you can and can't have installed on your machine yet they don't have to abide by any of the same company policies, like the dress code. And the only thing that is worse then interacting with them is working with them. I am really tolerant. I take a lot of abuse. And I have to hear daily what a surprise it is to see a girl in IT. I am about as tired of hearing that as I am "you look like Julia Stiles".

I am not really a geek. It is just a job. I am not a gamer. I don't collect action figures. I am not into science fiction. I bathe. I have clothing purchased within the last ten years. I don't procrastinate and I don't talk down to people when they don't know as much as I do. But today I seriously questioned my ability to continue working in this field, and I used every ounce of self control I have to keep myself from flying across the room and gouging someone's eyes out.

I showed up to a job and the client's personal computer technician was there. I was polite and when faced with his obvious attempts to prove his self worth I did very little to compete. I even got up from the drivers seat when asked so he could perform something he felt was above me. I am used to this, I have worked in IT for ten years and the geeks I have worked with are not any more adept with interpersonal relations. What I did mind was him turning to me with his squeaky little voice and saying, "I assume you know what I am doing?" It was at that precise moment I decided I hated him. He oozed with condescension. And if I were into playing his game I would have told him I prefer to perform the task from the command line...

I just did my best to ignore his attmepts at making conversation. But with every step I took he engaged me in talk, like agruing with me about the type of email server MY company uses, how OUR network is setup and then he told me HE created a program that is integral to the type of business MY clients are in. He made it. Like Al Gore made the Internet.

Then his phone rang and he actually downloaded a star wars theme song ringtone. Has he no shame?