+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: friday confessional

Sunday, January 29, 2006

friday confessional

It is Sunday morning at 2:11am. So fucking what? I was thinking of you on Friday, but I was preoccupied with dinner and a Michael Damian look-a-like. Therefore I was unable to post until now.

So there I was being served a New Orleans style dinner, and Mint Juleps, by Danny from Young and the Restless. I knew from the moment he handed us our menus that I had to tell him. And I honestly thought he must have heard it before.

I have heard it all: Julia Styles, Nicole Kidman, Christie Brinkley. So after my second drink I said: "You look like Michael Damian." Huh? I said "Young and the Restless?" I don't think he was a fan. I told him how I was madly in love with Michael in the 6th grade. I neglected to tell him that I recorded the soap opera while I was at school (it was on at 11am) and actually draped a blanket over the TV and took pictures, so I could have photograhs to HOLD IN MY HANDS. And do you know what the waiter said to me? He said, "So you think I am hot?"

No. I am not in love with Michael Damian anymore. I was when I was 12. And I am on a date. So, when I told you to google Michael-fucking-Damian, I hope you find this.