+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: drunk blogging is the new black

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

drunk blogging is the new black

So I am sitting at the bar on a Tuesday night, wolfing down gin and tonics when I hear myself say "your family needs nanny 911." Can you believe my life has come to this? I am resorting to discussing television shows as lame as nanny 911 in my real life, when I am out with friends.

And after my fourth gin and tonic, I started jotting down all of these really great blogging ideas. I write notes to myself when I am buzzed, things I think are really funny. I have a really hard time reading them the next day, and they are half as funny as they were the night before.

Some things I have wanted to tell you drunk that I don't really want to tell you sober:

  • I can do the Roger Rabbit really well, especially after a few drinks. Aren't those old dance moves funny?

  • When I hear Depeche Mode, People are People, I think of my brother and how my Dad bought him that cassette for Christmas one year and taped it to the inside of a really big box so he would think it was a really big present. My Dad and I laughed but my brother didn't. Do people think of me when they hear certain songs?

  • Those bullet hole stickers people put on their cars suck. hard.

  • I write things down while I am driving. Isn't that scary?

I know I wrote down a bunch more stuff but now I can't find that piece of paper, which is making me nervous because I would be embarrassed if someone else read it.