+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: christmas tree hugger

Thursday, December 15, 2005

christmas tree hugger

I am sitting at work next to mounds of bagged Styrofoam. I have been searching frantically for some sort of recycling option. But does recycling Styrofoam create more pollution than burying it?

These are the things that keep me awake at night.

I ran across this website and find it alarming, yet totally surreal. People are convinced plastics and Styrofoam are “good for families” and “safe for the environment”.

And years from now we will read articles like this and this. My Aunt was born with crippling birth defects from fertility drugs that were “tested” and “safe”, oops!

While I am juggling all of this Styrofoam, I can't help but think about Christmas. If you must drain your bank account, buying people things they don’t need, do something good for the environment:

Ecoist handbags are made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels. These excess materials have been discarded due to printing defects or discontinued candy lines. Ecoist believes in recycling these wasted materials by giving them a new life. Become an Ecoist, and help us preserve the earth with style.

Dagoba chocolate is awesome and it is made in my hometown where Styrofoam is banned! All products are Certified Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade Certified. They are family owned and manufacture in small batches at a 100% organic facility, powered entirely by renewable energy.

Grounds for Change is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business located in the Pacific Northwest. They roast Fair Trade, Organic, Shade Grown coffee to order, by hand, in small batches to ensure that you receive the freshest coffee possible!

And when all else fails, girls love flowers.

Editor's Note: Can you believe fur is back in?