+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: vegas shmegas

Monday, November 07, 2005

vegas shmegas

I am a slack-ass blogger and that is the truth. I have been back from Las Vegas for over a week and I haven't even mentioned it to you. I wanted to wait until I had the motivation to do it right, but I fear if I don't tell you about it now, I never will.

The funny thing is, I have wanted to tell you since last April! But I couldn't because it was a surprise for my best friend's birthday and even though she NEVER reads my blog I wanted to be extra sure she didn't find out. And I know how some of you are about secrets...

So Jenni has always wanted to go to Las Vegas for her birthday and after 5 years of talk we did the impossible. We kept the secret for 6 long months, we got her days off of work, we packed her bag while she wasn't looking, then we kidnapped her and took her to the airport.

the mask

Instead of slathering my blog with all of the photos I will just tell you that we drank a lot, we slept very little, there was a steak and lobster dinner, a 500 pound Elvis impersonator, a party bus complete with stripper poles, one big ass hot dog, lots of pina coladas, and a George Wallace sighting all crammed into two nights with ten friends in lovely Las Vegas.

the hard cock casino

You can check out more pictures at flickr.