+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: these boots are made for kicking your ass

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

these boots are made for kicking your ass

One thing that is undeniably girlie about me is my love for shoes. I have been in constant saving mode for the last six months and have denied myself of so many things. I can only take so much before I feel like I am suffering and splurge to make myself feel better, like last Saturday.

I found some boots on ebay midweek. I fell in love with them instantly, but the auction was going to end while I was driving home from work. I called Tom and asked him to bid on them for me. He, being too logical, thought that they were really expensive, and what in the world would I wear them with? I got defensive and told him I was going to wear them with anything I wanted. This conversation taking me back to my freshman year in high school when I tried to talk my Dad into buying me a black leather jacket. I got mad and told Tom to forget about it.

In a desperate attempt to fill the void in my heart I found more boots on ebay and began to watch the bidding. I found the exact same pair, I bid on them and I won. I am so filled with excitement that every once in a while I burst out "I got the boots, I got the boots!". Because there is nothing more fulfilling than watching something slip through your fingertips, think it is gone forever and then find it again.

I am so in love with the boots.