+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: and there was sand EVERYWHERE

Monday, August 01, 2005

and there was sand EVERYWHERE

Tom and I went camping and had the most relaxing, enjoyable time.


Although it is always hard to go places like this and realize how many assholes actually inhabit this world. There were two abandoned campsites filled with trash, newspapers, empty beer bottles, broken glass and styrofoam egg cartons.

I think people who litter should be forced to wear a sign around their neck that clearly states "I am a litterbug", or have their reproduction rights taken away, or be shot and killed. Hot damn, I am filled with good ideas today.


I made this awesome video of Tom last summer. He is wearing these big 80's sunglasses and we were in the park on a fake sick day, sunbathing and drinking ice-cold beers. He said, "It sure is beautiful out here", took the last chug off of his beer and threw his can on the ground. It was hilarious. Pretending we were litterbugs.


When I was a kid my parents made us pick up ten pieces of trash anytime we went camping or hiking. It was our chore, to pick up after others too lazy to pick up after themselves.


Two blocks from my house lay the burned remains of a suitcase. There are half burned bras, lingerie and other personal effects. I imagine there was a fight, or someone cheated and their belongings were burned at the stake.


It is shocking to me that it has sat there for as long as it has. That hundreds of people walking up and down that sidewalk, and the tenants at the two apartment buildings, just step over it. I think it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get picked up. Or how long it takes for me to break down and pick it up myself.


This is day 8.