+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: the things i learned along the way

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the things i learned along the way

After driving over 4000 miles and spending over 60 hours in the car I have come to these conclusions:

  • There is too much useless space between Oregon and Minnesota.
  • The last job I would EVER take in the entire world: long haul truck driver.
  • There are a lot of trampolines in Utah.
  • My dog is so cute somemtimes I can't handle it.
    Picture 562
  • Looks like prostitution is legal in Nebraska.
    kum & go
  • The mid-west is the only place in the world you can drive a truck covered in blood without anyone batting an eyelash, but the rainbows are beautiful.
    i saw both ends
  • Sleeping in the passenger seat of a Honda Civic for two days makes a hard floor feel comfortable.
  • I am so glad Michael Jackson was found innocent.
  • I saw more Peanuts characters than one person should reasonably see in a life time. They are big and weird and in the front yard where people LIVE. I saw these last time I was in Minneapolis around Thanksgiving. I naturally assumed they were Christmas decorations. But they are still up. We also saw Snoopy, Charlie Brown and a psycho snowman dressed in camo with a rifle. I am sorry that picture didn't turn out.


    cow print face
  • Everything is more fun with a cowboy hat on.
    bee killer
  • Fuck with the bull and you get: