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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

like oh my god, i am so sure!

My ten year high school reunion is this weekend. Has it been that long? Maria is flying in from New York to crash the party with me along with a group of dropouts, outcasts and people who were never a part of the class to begin with. It should be fun.

This calls for a walk down memory lane...

8th grade
I think this picture was taken for my 8th grade graduation.
Do you like my Pop Swatch watch?

jessie and rachel
I took this picture my freshman year in photography class, before I got really bored and quit going to all of my classes. Rachel and Jessie.

jen, kate and darc
Jenni, Katrina and me.

we were inseparable for the most part.

the beast
Now for what I spent most of my high school years doing, licking things and drinking beer. We really liked this beer for some reason. I mean really liked it. I remember this night like it was yesterday. We thought Milwaukees was in dire need of a poster girl and I was just the girl to do it, for free beer.