+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: I am from

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I am from

I am from raspberry stained fingers, homemade rootbeer and setting m&ms in the sun to melt the chocolate inside.

I am from 4th of July BBQs and backyard gardens, hydrangea snowball fights, thunderstorm summers and weekends with Dad.

I am from climbing cherry trees, jumping into piles of leaves and swinging so high I can touch the clouds. I am from bunk beds, woodburning stoves and hating the seam on the toe of my tights.

I am from neatniks and to-do lists, from a draft dodger and a mother who never said one bad thing about a father she could have said a lot about. I am from a sister that wanted to be a doctor and a brother I never got a chance to know.

I am from do unto others, because I said so and finish your plate, from bread and butter gifts and no pain no gain.

I am from an old green chest filled with photos, baby booties and quilts hand stitched over 100 years ago.

Thanks to blu.