+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: how to be goth

Thursday, March 03, 2005

how to be goth

The first time I ever moved away from home was in the year 2000 after being offered a job at an internet company in New Orleans. Having never left my home town I did what any crazy girl would do. In less than two weeks I moved more than two thousand miles away from home with ALL of my belongings.

I will skip the juicy details about drinking until sunrise, stripper chicks, my first lap dance, the hangovers and all of the drugs. Because once that wore off I realized I was completely submerged in an uber pathetic social circle. Ugh!

New Orleans is TEEMING with GOTHS.

And it became increasingly frustrating trying to coordinate normal socializing activities with these people. Because goths don't go to pool parties or bbqs. They don't want to go camping or do anything fun. Having fun might mean that they are happy and being happy isn't very goth.

What is totally predictable and uninteresting about the lives of goths in New Orleans is this: If they ever make it to your pool party, the party is almost over and they don't have time to swim because they need to go to the Pirates Alley Cafe, where they can brag and lie and tell stories only other goths will believe.

Who would have lasted as long as I did?

There are so many things I really do miss about living there. I miss the storms, The Funky Butt jazz club, 3 martini lunches at the brothel, southern hospitality, the Foundation Room, dancing at the Shim Sham, deliveries from the Verti Mart, breakfasts at Croissant Dor, the street performers, cafe du monde, live oaks and the street car.