+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: friday confessional on monday

Monday, March 07, 2005

friday confessional on monday

At this rate I will be back to my normal confession schedule by the end of the month! I have a few confessions today.

1. I am a bitch when I am stressed out and I have been stressed out for a month.

2. I took some measurements with my new tape measure so I could purchase a closet dowel and the holders to hang it. I made a really stupid mistake on the measurements, like 68 inches minus (.75*2+.25*2) equals 65. So I cut and purchased a dowel that was a whole inch short! When I went back and got a new dowel, 66 inches long, I realized it was wider than the old one, so the dowel holders I purchased on the last trip were too small. After going back to Home Depot a third time for new dowel holders I think I might be able to hang my clothes up in my closet tonight!

3. I feel guilty for neglecting my blog. I finally found the time to order internet service at home, so starting next week I will no longer be forced to squeeze in updates on the clock.