+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: if only their problems were so easily solved

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

if only their problems were so easily solved

While I was at the bank yesterday I overheard a funny conversation. Probably not so funny for those involved.

At the teller next to me was a young couple, the girl was very pregnant. They were depositing a check and trying to make a withdrawal. Evidentially homeboy overdrew the account. The teller told him the account had a negative balance, therefore only part of the desired sum would be available. Before he could even open his mouth girlfriend turned to him and said, shaking her french manicured finger in the air, "What happened? Where did the money go? Huh?". He looked like he had no clue how he would get himself out of this one. So he asked the teller to explain what happened, as if he didn't already know. The teller told him about some checks that bounced and several overdraft charges that were incurred. He said in a tough guy kind of way, hoping to regain some sense of control, "that's cool, because I am closing this account tomorrow anyway. I am going to Washington Mutual."