+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: first things first

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

first things first

First "when I grow up": I never knew what I wanted to be, and I still don't. Sometimes I think that being a private investigator would be fun.

First pet: Jilly Willy, a toy poodle. She was bit by a rattlesnake and almost died. We were super tight, like ate cheerios out of the same bowl kind of tight. Then my Dad divorced a very evil women who kidnapped Jill when she moved out.

First enemy: Dusty Miller, in the fifth grade. We met in the back field to fight and I was so scared I could have fainted. We were sentenced to detention after she slapped me across the face. Our punishment was to sit in the same room with each other for an entire school day. We mended bridges quickly.

First real kiss: Billy Day at an Ashland Grizzlies football game, aka a place to smoke and drink and kiss while your parents think you are being supervised.

First job: At a pizza parlor, I was 14.

First car: Datsun B1200. A death trap, not unlike the car I drive now.

First love: Jude O'Reilly. A heart wrenching tale containing many other firsts.

First move away from home: Hawaii when I was 18. It was fabulous.

First wedding: My mom's third marriage when I was 5.

First funeral: The son of my mom's boss. He was autistic and was shot while taking a walk in the woods, by a hunter. I am not a fan of the sport. Is that what it is? A sport? That sounds sick.