+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: I think I just bought a house

Monday, January 24, 2005

I think I just bought a house

Tom and I spent the weekend cooking and eating. Have I mentioned how much I love to eat? Once I have a kid, or turn 30, I am going to explode. My metabolism thus far has allowed me to consume anything I want, often eating until I can't possibly eat any longer.

So on Saturday I made Mulligatawny Soup. Which you might remember from the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld. It is an Indian coconut curry soup served with rice and was to die for.

Then yesterday Tom constructed the best little handmade raviolis filled with Italian sausage and mozzarella.

Oh yeah, I made an offer on a house, my offer was accepted and I am so scared I could crap my pants.