+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: people are no damn good

Thursday, August 05, 2004

people are no damn good

That is a quote on a little framed picture I used to have of a man hiding inside of a box. I liked that picture and I really like that quote, but I gave it to someone with far worse social skills than I, someone a bit more deserving.

These are the people that got in my way today:

1. The driver that needed to go 15 miles an hour for 20 blocks in a 35 mph zone. He stopped at each intersection without stop signs and managed to make us both hit each red light. Thank you. I never get road rage but you were able to incite that feeling within me.

2. Herman. I hate you Herman. I have paid rent on time for two fucking years. I have taken extra special care of your house and you thank me by giving me the ultimatum: sign a year lease or move out in 30 days. I want 60 days. Didn't I earn it?

3. Stupid moderator at yahoo groups. This chick told me I couldn't join her yahoo group because I was using a yahoo email account. This is so idiotic it makes me want to spit. She is using yahoo's free group message board but is too good for yahoo's free email accounts? She has some lousy excuses, none of which applied to me. I wanted to join the group to learn how to eliminate some aggressive behavior in my dog but she is generating some very aggressive behavior in me.

I am going to visit one of my best friends in California today. I will be back Tuesday, hopefully rejuvenated and feeling a bit more forgiving.