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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

busy busy bee

I haven't had time to write over the last week but I do have a few things I want to share.

1. I love Daniel Johnston. If you have never heard him before, or never heard his song "Speeding Motorcycle" you should definitely check it out. It makes me smile and laugh and feel happy.

2. I am a whistle blower and was recently written about in the Oregonian regarding an investigation of my complaints to the Department of Education and BCTI's business practices. The article is excellent and I have renewed faith in justice prevailing through not shutting my mouth. If they don't get shut down they will be scared into following the law hopefully.

3. After the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre I read a disturbing article which stated that no one to this day knows who the lone protester was that stood before the line of tanks with his shopping bag. In fact most of China has never heard of the man or seen the picture. A picture that makes the hair on my arms stand up just thinking about it, and a story that gives me hope each day that one person really can make a difference is being censored by the Chinese government. In an effort to quell dissent and dominate their people, the government controls all forms of media as well as the Internet. I am beginning to wonder if that is where our country is headed in regard to censorship, in fact I searched the term "Michael Moore" on yahoo.com yesterday and too many of the top listings were sites insulting him and calling him a liar. For a movie that has been breaking records left and right, the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if someone or something is trying to counter act the country turning against BUSH! I am embarrassed to say that I still haven't seen the movie, and not because I didn't try, I went and they were sold out because people are still swarming to see it. That makes me so happy!