+ confessions of a red-headed stepchild: where to pee

Monday, June 21, 2004

where to pee

If you are not a transvestite you probably don’t think much about what it is like to be one. But I had a student a few months back that really made me question where he/she belonged in the grand scheme of things.

So much of our society focuses on sex. What is your sex, M or F, Women’s Room or Men’s Room? So what about the transvestites? I thought Peaches (I know the name should have been a dead give away) was female for months and just one day without shaving she became a man dressed as a woman right before my eyes. All became clear. I saw the adam’s apple, the man gut, everything I had ignored before because Peaches talked like a girl, had long hair, and was, in most senses of the word, a girl. I started feeling very confused. Does she want me to think that she is a girl? Am I insulting her by assuming she is one? Should I ask her what she prefers or pretend I never saw the five o’clock shadow? I began to wonder where Peaches should go to the restroom. Does she go in with the ladies? What if she hasn’t had a sex change?

Here is a solution for all you transvestites in Thailand, because even though you think you are the opposite sex, or would like to be, until the task has been completed you are still going to the wrong restroom whichever you choose. Not that I care, give me enough beers and I will go pee anywhere, even in between subway cars on a moving train.